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“From many years of troubleshooting air pollution problems and resolving unsatisfactory air purification, I have gained extensive experience in customizing air purification systems to provide reliable air quality solutions using E-Carbon Fabric (ECF). ECF technology has a proven track record in numerous large projects world-wide and is equally effective in commercial and home environments.” (Peter Tan, 2020)

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It seems air pollution is ever on the increase, as well as it’s negative effects on health and well being. Nowadays, good indoor air quality should be even more of a concern with airborne viruses, such as the Coronavirus.

For years, we’ve been providing custom made air purification systems for larger scale installations, from schools and shopping malls, to government buildings and even royal residences.

Now, we can offer a highly effective product that removes harmful air pollution from indoor air environments, that’s both easy to install and very cost saving, for homes, offices, vehicle cabins and more…

In the following articles, we’re hoping to raise awareness about air pollution and it’s effects on our lives, and to discuss ways to improve air quality. Sure, we believe in our air purifying filters and hope you will too, but no matter how you choose to improve air quality, there will be a benefit.

indoor air quality pollution from viruses and bacteria

Poor indoor air quality can have serious effects on health and well-being.

indoor air quality household pollution from cooking

Even normal household activities, decor & furnishings can cause harmful pollutants. Skin cells, hair, bacteria & viruses from occupants or pets. Dust, smoke & pollen from outside… and there’s more!

It’s time to take indoor air pollution seriously…

“We filter drinking water to avoid health problems; why not purify our air? We breathe air all the time!

Let’s Talk About Indoor Air Quality

  • Top 5 Indoor Air Pollution Causes, Effects and a Solution?
    In the U.S., Chronic lower respiratory diseases were ranked 4th in the cause of deaths, according to National Vital Statistics System – Mortality Data (2019) via Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Wonder). So, maybe it’s time to take indoor air pollution causes and its effects seriously?…
  • The best solutions for indoor air pollution.
    Indoor air pollution may result in serious health issues and can come from many sources. Solutions for indoor air pollution come down to 2 main choices: removing pollution sources (easier said than done!) or using air purifiers to clean our indoor air. Let’s look at ways to purify indoor air…

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