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Easily turn air filters into air purifiers with our E-Carbon Fabric.

We produce air purifying filters using E-Carbon Fabric (ECF), a very affordable, safe and environment friendly material which has amazing filtration, adsorption and purification properties. It’s very flexible, can be cut to any shape, and we use it in the manufacturing of custom air purification filters for commercial and industrial installations.

We also produce DIY ECF filter packs that can easily fitted to air conditioners for your home and work, kitchen cooker hoods, vehicle cabin air conditioning and many more air appliances.

custom air purifying filters for office or commercial

Custom air purifying filters for commercial use. DIY filter packs for home and work air conditioners also available.

best air purifying filters for home and work

About our E-Carbon Fabric Air Purifying Filters

The front of the filter is a flexible high-density porous mesh which adds strength and durability. The rear is a specially woven 100% carbon fabric that has amazing filtration, adsorption and purification qualities, and is also super eco-friendly. We offer filter packs for your home air conditioning units and build custom air filtration systems for commercial and industrial installations.

Easily Install ECF Air Filters for Home Air-Con

To install in your home air conditioning units: Simply, cut the ECF filter to shape (a little smaller than your original filter). Stick the supplied double-sided tape to the margins on carbon fabric side of the ECF filter. Apply the ECF filter to the center of your original filter (carbon fabric side hidden). Finally, re-install your completed air purifying filters in your air conditioning unit. Easy as that!

ECF Air Purying Filters: Deals!

best air purifying filters for home and work
  • Home & Office Air Conditioners
  • Car Cabins & other vehicles
  • Biker’s & other helmet types

Free Air Quality Assessment

We can provide you with an assessment of your air pollution problems and make recommendations based on your situation and needs. Simply send us photos of your air appliance(s) and, using our extensive experience, we’ll offer advice with no obligation to make a purchase.

ECF Air Filters: Applications

Performance Air Purification

ecf air purifiers vs hepa filters

ECF Air Purifying Filter vs HEPA Filter
During the last period of the 2003 SARS pandemic, Agilent Technologies (an American company) paid for an on-site test of E-Carbon Fabric Filters (the same fabric as in our home air conditioner packs), to confirm removal of airborne particulate smaller than 1 micron. In their test, ECF air filters showed air purification of particulate as small as 0.06 microns, compared to the HEPA filter’s 2.3 microns!

ecf air purifying filters vs activated carbon

ECF Filters vs Activated Carbon Granules
In a private lab test by a carbon manufacturer, to check on the overall efficiency of our ECF Purifying Filters, air purification properties were compared to that of Activated Carbon Granules. In all 4 categories, our ECF filters outperformed the granules: Higher Purification Levels – Faster Rate of Adsorption – Larger Absorption of Vapours – Much better Adsorption in Humid Conditions.

best air purifying filters for smoke

ECF Filters for Cigarette Smoke
A lab test of our ECF Air Purifying Filters on Cigarette Smoke showed high efficiency in the removal of the 4 elements measured: TSP (Total Smoke Particulate) – TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) – Formaldehyde – CO (Carbon Monoxide). In just 10-15 minutes, TVOCs and CO levels went to zero, TSP dropped from 1410 to only 1ug/m3 and Formaldehyde from 4.51 to 1.39ppm!

ECF Air Purifying Filters: FAQs

  1. Turn off the power of your appliance.
  2. Remove and clean your original filter.
  3. Cut our ECF filter to fit inside your original filter.
  4. Stick the supplied double-sided tape to the ECF filter’s inside edge (carbon fabric side).
  5. Apply the ECF filter to the center of your original filter (carbon fabric side hidden).
  6. Re-install your completed air purification filter.

We recommend replacing the ECF filters every year and a half, although this depends on air pollution conditions. It may be beneficial to replace sooner for maximum efficiency.

Turn off the air conditioning unit and remove the filter. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface of the filter and then gently wash in a mild soap and water solution. Pat the filters with a cloth before reinstalling in the air conditioning unit. The filters can be washed as often as necessary.

Yes! Our ECF filters will remove bad odours and vapours as well as dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and other air pollutants. Whereas many air filters and purifiers are water repellent, our ECF filters are adsorbent but at the same time don’t off-gas (so removing ‘damp’ smells).

Yes! Our ECF air filter can be fitted to any air appliances, including air conditioning / ventilation / heaters for motor vehicles, boats, trains and airplanes. You can even benefit from fitting it to the inside of a motorcycle helmet!

Yes! Our ECF is fire retardant to over 500 degrees Celcius. Most cooker-hoods have carbon pallets, which lose efficiency after several washing; our ECF air filters will greatly improve their efficiency. Cooker-hoods that recirculate the air will especially benefit and those that extract the air (via ducting) should also have our ECF filters fitted, so as not to send harmful pollution out into the environment.

Yes! Our ECF filters will provide you with healthier air and remove bad odours. They can be used in your dining area’s air conditioning / ventilation systems and also in your kitchen, including in cooker-hoods and extractor-fans (for the benefit of the environment too). Our ECF filters are fire-retardant to over 500 degress Celcius.

We suggest a sign on your door or in your shop window that says “Shop Air Purified by Eco-Carbon Fabric filters”, with perhaps a small note to surf “ for more information”. Please contact us if you would like our window stickers included with your next ECF filter purchase.

ECF Air Purifying Filters: Specs

Filter Model

100% carbonized BET 1100m2/gm fabric with negatively-charged ‘nanopore’ loop structures.

Filter Type

V-Configured in Dbl-PE Mesh or (Alu-mesh) with custom-made frame size: width 25mm-100mm or laminated PE mesh.

Fabric Pore Volume

>0.4 ml/g Thickness: >0.5 mm

Purification Efficiency

Instant Removal of
(i) TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound)
(ii) TSP (Total Suspended Particulate – as small as 0.01 micron size)
(iii) NSM (Non-Specific Micro-Organism)
(iv) CGS (Chemical Gaseous Substances)

Air Resistance

+/- 5.75 Pa at 0.47 m/sec airflow (before ‘2-1’ V-Pleats)

Effective Range

Airflow output of V-Filter in tandem with fan capacity and speed (m3/h). (DIY filter: airflow in tandem with air conditioner speed.)


High efficiency removal of dust & haze particles (as small as PM2.5), smoke, odours, fumes, grease / oil Mist, chemical vapors, kills bacteria and deactivates viruses on contact, and inhibits bacterial growth, even in humid conditions.

Additional Benefits

Fire retardant >500degC, fast adsorption & large capacity for water vapors, low air resistance, no electrical consumption, non-static, no off-gassing of fumes, easy installation, minimal maintenance (only washing, if necessary), long effectiveness, washable.


Any air purifier / air conditioner model, split unit / FCU & AHU / supply & exhaust air vents and cooker hoods / exhaust ducts, for home, office, commercial and industrial environments, as well as vehicles, such as cars, coaches, boats etc.

Filter Change

Effectiveness of filter is approximately 12 months, depending on air pollution conditions. Changing filter more often, for better performance, is suggested.

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