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E-Carbon Fabric Air Filters

Don’t Risk Indoor Air Pollution

“Double-Up” Air Conditioning to Purify Air with ECF Air Filters

Easily fit our low cost air filters (E-Carbon Fabric – ECF) to all your air appliances and turn them into highly efficient & effective air purifiers.

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Remove Indoor Air Pollutants

Your indoor air pollution solution.

It’s never been more important to have clean, healthy air to breathe. Be it your home, work or your vehicle, we provide a low cost solution for air conditioning that filters out harmful pollutants and purifies your air; helping to prevent viral infection from recycled air.


NOT your standard air purifying filter!

Effective air purification, including but not limited to:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • VOC’s
  • PM2.5 Particulate
  • Pollen
  • Odours
  • Fumes
  • Chemical Vapours

ECF air filters can “Break Down” bacteria and “Deactivate” viruses!
For in-depth info on viruses and bacteria, the effectiveness of our ECF air filters, and why we believe our ECF filters are the best air purifiers for the home, click and read the post below:

ECF Filters: The best air purifiers for the home?

Our E-Carbon Fabric filters turn your air appliances into very effective air purifiers – no need to buy new air purifiers! Learn how ECF filters may just also be the best air purifier for viruses and bacteria.

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Supreme Air Purification…

do our filters make the best air purifiers?

ECF Air Filters: Testimonials

best air purifiers for the home testimonial by vin

“I was lucky enough to get a free pack of air filters, after an enquiry I made back in 2017. Now I order new ones every year – very happy!”

Vin M.

best air purifiers for the home testimonial by lyn

“… so I use my air conditioner as an air purifier, just like they said. It was so easy and it works really great, no more damp smell, just fresh air.”

Lyn A.

best air purifiers for the home testimonial by john

“We feel much happier knowing our home has cleaner air … Amazing air purification for the price … We definitely recommend them.”

John C.

Air Filtration Systems Using Custom ECF Filters

Larger Air Purification Projects

best air purifiers for the home of the sultan of brunei

Royal Palaces & Residences
In 1997, ECF Air Filters were installed in 2 palaces of H.M. The Sultan of Brunei: Istana Nurul Iman, with more than 1,700 Guest Rooms, and Istana Nurul Izzah. Then in 1998, custom ECF Air Filters were installed in FCUs (Fan Coil Units) and AHUs (Air Handling Units) in H.M. The Sultan of Brunei’s residential home, in Kensington Palace Gardens London, and his Aviary Estate in Middlesex.

best air purifiers for the home of the singapore parliament

Government Buildings
Singapore’s Public Works Department approved ECF Custom V-Filters for 3rd stage AHUs (Air Handling Units) for use at the Singapore Parliament Complex, constructed during 1995-1999. The installation was requested by the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and Minister Mentor, for the best air filtration to prevent damage to books, documents and drafts from moisture and vapours.

best purifying air filters for vents and ducts

Suntec City:
Public Food Court
After an on-site test by Suntec’s engineering department, E-Carbon Fabric custom filtration panels were approved for use in the 7 main exhaust air ducts that serviced 35 restaurants, at the Fountain Terrace Food Court, Suntec City Mall in Singapore. The test had shown the high efficiency of our ECF air purifiers at removing airborne grease and oil vapours, which can be potentially hazardous if allowed to circulate / build up.

best air purifiers for vocs and vapours

Private School
In 2005, the Singapore American School’s FCUs (large air conditioning systems) were fitted with custom ECF Cassette Air Filters to remove formaldehyde vapours. Previously, children had become sick after builders handed over 5 classrooms. But after just 2 months of purifying air through our ECF filters, levels had dropped from 0.11-0.18ppm to just 0.03-0.06ppm. Children weren’t sick and the school / builders avoided major litigation. (The air purification test was run by a 3rd party.)

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